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Super Bowls over the years

#Ravens get fans involved with Super Bowl XLVII

Over the weekend I saw a post  (on left) from the Baltimore Ravens asking fans what they wanted to see on the team’s Facebook page during the week of the Super Bowl. As a fan, I thought it was a pretty cool gesture to the fans; as a social media manager, I loved how they…

Manti Te’o story gets Taiwanese animation

No comment needed aside from – sad, but awesome…

Sunday Funnies: 12-year old Jacksonville Jaguars fan belts out frustrations [VIDEO]

Well played young lady, well played.

Kobe vs. Messi = video gold

Nicely done commercial showing what is really important…

Dear Jerry Jones…Don’t Rap Again

I know Jerry Jones is a great target for NFL related humor, but this video of him rapping is just sad. On the bright side, he’s getting some good play on social media.

Nike wins gold with Olympic Greatness ad

Everyone knows that the Olympics are filled with top athletes from around the world. Some will attain greatness while others will fail. The real win is seeing people strive for greatness, no matter where it lives.