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Looking back on six years on Facebook… and how to get yours

Believe it or not, Facebook turned 10 today and as a special gift to users, they gave us a look back video showcasing your time on Facebook. Here is mine: What events stood out on yours? Unfortunately, Facebook did not offer sharing options, so you’ll have to take an approach that takes some code look-ups…

Facebook’s the crack and we’re all greedy junkies

A recent Facebook update changed how brands are able to get content onto users’ news feeds. The new algorithm will only post content that is relevant to the end-user, meaning users get the content they care about, not the content that games the Edgerank by hopping on memes or posting cute babies or puppies (if…

Facebook changes in the real world

A bit satire, a bit lazy post, but also a bit true. Imagine if Facebook’s changes happened to your offline life…

Facebook’s Facedeals McCreepy or Super Cool?

Last week, I read this blog post from Digital Trends about Facebook’s testing of Facedeals, a service that checks you into a location using facial recognition and gives you coupons based on interest. Here are some of my thoughts on the concept/test:

Facebook Timeline for Brands

Facebook Timeline for Brands | Changes & Hidden Implications View more presentations from Social@Ogilvy

Making heads and tails of the new Facebook Insights

If you manage a Facebook page for a company, entity or personal blog you are probably aware that Facebook has rolled out a new Insights tool. Instead of the bare bones metrics from the old Insights tool, the new tool offers more data than most folks truthfully need. If you aren’t into crunching numbers, the…

Americans spend 16% of time online on Facebook

This is an interesting video on the amount of time that Americans spend on Facebook from the Wall Street Journal. Would you believe that 16 percent of online time is spent on Facebook? Wonder what the overall time on social networks is.