Does your memory suck?

My memory is pretty awful for things like dates and names, which is pretty embarrassing at times. I am sure some of you reading this post are in the same boat.

Back at South by Southwest this past year, I heard about Moonwalking with Einstein and how the author learned some tricks on improving memory that anyone could do to increase their memory.

When I returned to Boston, I peeped it out on Amazon and saw that the book followed a reporter who got caught up in the world of memory championships and decided that he’d compete in these geektastic games. 

Before you let out any groans, yes it is geeky, but is still an interesting read and through author Joshua Foer’s training outlined in the book, I was able to pick up some tricks to be less forgetful on those dates and names. Below is my full review of the book (click here if you are having trouble viewing the video).



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