Congratulations my data says you’re prego, social measurement and stock in beer

In just a few short hours the five o’clock whistle will be blowing and I for one will be jacked to hear it. Long week that went by kind of quickly, how was yours? I’m looking forward to the weekend and getting our house ready to put it on the market to move to the ‘burbs. Have a great weekend and will catch you come Monday.

How Companies Learn Your Secrets – Have you ever wondered how retail chains seem to know when you’ve got something going on? An engagement pending or pregnancy? Well if you do, be sure to check out this article on how Target uses data. It’s a great read and sheds some light on predictive data analysis.

Community vs. Social: Does It Matter What You Call It? – One of the biggest arguments that I see among peers is on the topic of community management. Can a community be hosted on a social site, or is social just a platform to expand a community. To me, there is no right or wrong answer as I see a community as a property owned or rented real estate where a conversation of likeminded folks talk and engage with a brand or idea. With that said, this article paints a great picture of the debate and the role of a community manager.

No Bitter Aftertaste From This Stock Offering – IPOs are all the rage these days with social companies filling for and earning big bucks going public. This article talks to Jim Koch about how the Boston Beer Company did something different with their IPO, selling some stock directly to their fans.

Huggies Taps ‘Baby Bloggers’ to Leverage Tumblr – Ever wonder how a consumer baby brand engages its customers in a blogger outreach program? Huggies spills the beans on how their leveraging Tumblr to build awareness via the millennial mom.

8 Social Media Metrics You Have to Measure – Good video worth the listen for some good measurement insight.

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