Good viral follow up by Boston Bruins

Over the weekend a video went viral of a girl at a Boston Bruins game kicking a hole in a pole in the women’s room.

Similar to many viral videos it involves a person doing something really stupid, while drunk that folks get a good laugh out of. Usually these videos die on the vine, but this one gained some legs as the Bruins created an online commercial making Disrespecting the Garden one of their rules in their catchy line of commercials.

While I don’t like the B’s, I do think that the commercial shows a human side of the team and some savviness on behalf of the marketing team to turn something around so quickly. It also shows that they are on top of fixing damage to the arena which is pretty cool as well.

Do you think that other sports teams could benefit playing off videos made in their arenas that achieve viral success?

(Hat tip to Barstool Sports for the videos)