How Marketers are Monetizing Social Media

A few weeks ago, I sat on a panel for MITX that focused on monetization of social media.

Three of the biggest takeaways/talking points were as followed:

Two sides of social

Social media is a lot like search marketing and is something that should be looked at with lens similar to both paid and organic social media. The paid side is the one that focuses on advertising ventures across the social platforms. When it comes to organic, this comes down to a brand’s presence and what they publish on social sites as well as the way they engage with users.

Looking at social in this manner allows for companies to look at separate KPIs and then roll them up into a performance overview. For example on the paid side, you can roll it into ROI metrics, while the organic end can focus on audience reached, engagement and feedback types.

Four things to pack for SXSW

SXSW VirginSo you are headed to SXSW in a bit over a week? Great. While there are plenty of posts out there on best parties to attend, restaurants to hit or bands to see, I’ll take another route – outlining the four things that you probably haven’t thought about packing or buying.

Portable energy – Our smart phones have a million and one things that they can do for us, with that said, the one thing that they suck at is keeping a full charge. With all the panels, parties, etc. you will more than likely be faced with a phone in need of a charge. With outlets in short supply and constant movement, a portable charging pack is a must. For the past few years, I have used a PowerGen and it has given me ~2 full charges when plugging into my phone and walking between venues.

Beyond the Pale: The Sierra Nevada Story

A few months back, I was given a copy of Ken Grossman’s Beyond the Pale  (Amazon link) to review from Wiley. Unfortunately with two kids, my read schedule has slowed down a bit so this review is a bit late. The book itself is a great American story of how a man with a dream and a passion became a successful business. Sure there is a lot of blood sweat and tears in it as well but for me as a fan of the beer, it made the story even more great to read. Here are some more thoughts in the video below:

Looking back on six years on Facebook… and how to get yours

Believe it or not, Facebook turned 10 today and as a special gift to users, they gave us a look back video showcasing your time on Facebook. Here is mine:

What events stood out on yours? Unfortunately, Facebook did not offer sharing options, so you’ll have to take an approach that takes some code look-ups and download yours.

How to get yours:

  • Visit in Google Chrome
  • View page in developer tools
  • Inspect Network
  • Search for .Mp4
  • Right click and open in new tab
  • Select download video
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Thank you to Jeff Cutler for the tip :)

Best Super Bowl Commercial You Never Saw

Like most of you, I love seeing wrap ups of Super Bowl commercials. While Bud Light and Soda Stream are catching all the headlines along with a drunk JC Penney, most of us missed this outstanding commercial that only aired in Georgia from a personal injury lawyer. And we thought seeing the Dinobots was awesome.

Newscastle wins with non-Super Bowl Ad

This is a pretty awesome non-Super Bowl Commercial from Newcastle Brown Ale.

Content Marketing Trends for 2014

This is a guest post from Alicia Lawrence.  Content marketing is alive and healthy in 2014 and it’s not leaving anytime soon. Content has matured as an industry ever since it exploded sometime around 2011. In fact, 92% of B2B marketers say they are budgeting for it, which is a sure sign that content marketing…