Get over the Google+ breakup – it is logical and good

On Sunday, it was announced that two of the more popular features of Google+ – Photos and Streams – would be managed as separate entities. The aftermath of the post was an explosion of OMGs and finger wags at Google’s failed social network across the social interwebs. For a platform that many decried as dead since shortly after it’s launch, I find it quite curious about all of the current attention that the move is garnering. (Note: Hangouts will not be part of this shift). As I was reading through folks posts on Facebook and reading through some of the articles, I took the time to stop and toss my two cents out their on friend Amy Vernon‘s Facebook post on the topic (verbatim below):

Vistaprint enters branded campaign space

As many of you know, I have worked at Vistaprint for nearly eight years. Over that course of time, the business has been primarily known for direct response ads across multiple platforms from print media to online display and search ads. So needless to say, it has been interesting to be here as the company got more invested in branding, including a full-on brand TV spot.

Below is the 60-second spot that hit airways earlier this week.

Get the drift of the story? Want to see more? Well then, check out the full-length video below.

I know a lot of folks who worked on the campaign and think that it came out pretty good. What say you Internets subscribers and visitors?

Got goals for content marketing, SEO?

Listening and acting on social signals

A few weeks back, I took the stage at Internet Retailer‘s annual conference for the ecommerce industry to discuss social media and how marketers can  do it right, but also how they can do it very wrong. Much of the value of social media lies within the data that is readily shared by its users. The problem with the industry though is that many advertisers ignore the data and miss simple opportunities to market more effectively or to hold open conversations with their customers.

In the presentation below, I offer some examples of companies doing a good job, companies who have failed in marketing to me and also what our social teams at Vistaprint look at.

Miami University wins the Trolling game

Game. Set. Match. Miami University of Ohio wins the award for best use of trolling in 2014. Well done.   Original Tweet

Get your ass outside

Put your phone down and get outside…

How Marketers are Monetizing Social Media

A few weeks ago, I sat on a panel for MITX that focused on monetization of social media. Three of the biggest takeaways/talking points were as followed: Two sides of social Social media is a lot like search marketing and is something that should be looked at with lens similar to both paid and organic…