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Listening and acting on social signals

A few weeks back, I took the stage at Internet Retailer‘s annual conference for the ecommerce industry to discuss social media and how marketers can  do it right, but also how they can do it very wrong. Much of the value of social media lies within the data that is readily shared by its users. The problem with the industry though is that many advertisers ignore the data and miss simple opportunities to market more effectively or to hold open conversations with their customers.

In the presentation below, I offer some examples of companies doing a good job, companies who have failed in marketing to me and also what our social teams at Vistaprint look at.

Miami University wins the Trolling game

Game. Set. Match. Miami University of Ohio wins the award for best use of trolling in 2014. Well done.



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Get your ass outside

Put your phone down and get outside…

How Marketers are Monetizing Social Media

A few weeks ago, I sat on a panel for MITX that focused on monetization of social media. Three of the biggest takeaways/talking points were as followed: Two sides of social Social media is a lot like search marketing and is something that should be looked at with lens similar to both paid and organic…

Four things to pack for SXSW

So you are headed to SXSW in a bit over a week? Great. While there are plenty of posts out there on best parties to attend, restaurants to hit or bands to see, I’ll take another route – outlining the four things that you probably haven’t thought about packing or buying. Portable energy – Our…

Beyond the Pale: The Sierra Nevada Story

A few months back, I was given a copy of Ken Grossman’s Beyond the Pale  (Amazon link) to review from Wiley. Unfortunately with two kids, my read schedule has slowed down a bit so this review is a bit late. The book itself is a great American story of how a man with a dream and a…